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Company History

Korner-Q's, LLC., was formed as an expansion to Simply Good Cooking DBA. Marking this venture as a “unity” among Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Wright, their own family operating an eatery bar & grill business. Hence the name, Corner spelled with a 'K' representing the first initial of their youngest son's first name and, ‘Q’ for smokin' barbecue and the father and son's most enjoyable game played at home, pool; along with their two older sons. This is also represented in the pronunciation of the letter 'Q' for 'Cue' stick along with Mom's "cheers" on the sideline. This undoubtedly defines Terrence and his family.

Terrence Wright was the sole proprietor of Simply Good Cooking DBA, since 2015. Being natives to the City of Milwaukee, and having started their family here; for the past eight years, Terrence and Gina have created a high demand for his smoked barbecue and sides. Because of the overwhelming amount of word-of-mouth marketing that has been captured during this time and with his future retirement, this has ultimately created the drive, motivation, and inspiration in taking it to the next level.

Core Values

Responsible Citizenship



Servant Leadership


Terrence and Gina, both also have a personal goal of creating generational leadership and wealth.

Korner-Q's is a registered LLC.

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